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What the GLAM....Twelve23 Spring/Summer 2016 MUST HAVES!!

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New Year, NEW TRENDS!! (we love new things!) We have chosen 5 of the latest styles in shoe fashion that every GLAMMER should own. The best part about these selections is you'll be able to GLAM these styles with us! (we are super stingy with our GLAMMERS, you're our best friend, GO BEST FRIEND!
  • Casual Sneakers
 The GREAT thing about casual sneakers is the ability to wear them anywhere! (date night, sushi night, TACO NIGHT.....you get the picture) You can throw them on if you're feeling comfy and casual, as well as dress them up to be classy! (can I get a HEEY?!)


  • Pointy toe heels
 Yes, yes, and YES!! We live for pointy toe heels. (you should too!) They scream "I'm sexy and I know it"! Pointy toe heels make a pair of jeans and a shirt look like a million bucks!! (can I get a YUUP?!)

  • Leather Shoes
2015 was the year of leather! From clothing to shoes, if it had leather on it, it was in! Guess what (drum roll with cheesy smile) IT'S STILL IN! (whoop, whoop!) We love leather, especially black leather shoes! They make us feel all DUN DUN NA DUN DUN Bad to the Bone! (lol, but so serious!)

  • Lace me up
Lace up shoes are a definite must have! From boots to peep toe sandals, the lace up will definitely give you that extra UMPH! (who doesn't love UMPH?!) We are crushing hard on lace up sandals. We're definitely going to rock these with denim or white shorts this summer. (don't believe us, just watch!)
  • Fringe me baby
Fringe is by far the best thing since bacon! (or maybe turkey bacon for you non-pork eating GLAMMERS) It's like no matter what you do or where you go, you see fringe! You are losing in life (not REALLY, but really) if you don't have at least one fringed item. We are so in love with fringe and you should be too! 
Who's ready to "Step into Fashion"? We have given you a list of what's hot for 2016 so LET'S GLAM

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