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What the GLAM!!

Hey ladies! Can you believe we're almost done with February. We were very busy this month (Thank God). We attended an amazing event, traveled to Atlanta, and we have new items (WHOOP WHOOP). So we'll give you a quick synopsis of our month.  

Game Changers Event

We had the pleasure of meeting DariusCooks (Darius Williams) and Aaja Corrine The Brand (Aaja Corrine) at the "Game Changers" event hosted by Wendell Martin earlier this month. This event was beyond amazing, the information given to us was mind blowing. Darius talked about branding for your business, while Aaja spoke on branding for yourself. We all know about branding when it comes to businesses (Nike, Starbucks, Apple). What some of you may not know (or think of) is branding for yourself (YOU). When you walk into or leave a room what are people saying about you? What story are you telling when you walk down the street (deep right, or not so much)? Both sessions we very insightful and if you have the chance please check them out.  



Two words WAFFLE HOUSE, we ate there two days in a row (pancake and waffle lovers unite)! Besides the delicious waffles we also did some shopping for YOU! We found some extremely pretty spring and summer shoes (start getting those toes in order). We love spring and summer color's, they put us in a happy place (we love happy places)! OMG!!...GUESS WHAT... we are starting to be remembered by some pretty important people. There were 3 vendors who knew exactly who we were (SUPER DOPE) and they introduced us to other VIP people. This was the highlight of our entire month! We are working so hard and to know "Twelve23" is slowly (like snail slow) becoming top of mind to a few people is beyond amazing (Thank you)! 



 Say hello to KIM (Heeeey)! We are so in love with this beautiful turquoise open toe heel. Kim is the perfect shoe for a fabulous fun filled day!      

    Say hello to HEATHER (Heeeey)! This stunning mustard feathered open toe heel is jaw dropping fabulous. We are so ready to paint our toes white and slip into these beauties!  

 Say hello to ASHLEY (Heeeey)! How cute is this stone tie up flat. If you are looking for cute and comfy, she's the one!


So this is what we have been up to this month, what about you. We are so excited for what's to come and we hope you're ready! If there is anything you would like for us to blog about please feel free to email your topic. We love to interact with you! We would also like to thank you for sharing our weekly blogs. Please feel free to tell your friends about us and invite them to like us on Facebook and Instagram. Until next time my lovely GLAMMERS (kiss kiss)


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