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10 easy steps to make his Valentine's Day amazing

Ladies, Valentine's Day is only 5 days away! (whoop whoop!) I'm pretty sure you have been dropping hints as to what it is you want. (we sure have, The Day Designer, oh HEY BAE! :)) So we are almost certain (sometimes they still don't get it, smh) they should have received the hint/message by now. (again, The Day Designer, thanks bae! :)) I mean, let's be honest, Valentine's Day is for the ladies.! We love the cute cards, flowers, edible arrangements and gifts! It makes us feel all cute and special and stuff! (insert blushing emoji) HOWEVER, we (yes YOU) have to also make them (the fellas) feel all cute and special and stuff. (insert side eye half smiling emoji) Since they give us Valentine's DAY we should give them Valentine's NIGHT. It's only right, they've catered to us all day, got the one thing we asked for (The Day Designer, love you bae), so be nice and give him a night to remember! (or 5-10 mins, lol, just saying) I know what you're thinking, "How can I do this girl"?  All it takes is the following 10 easy inexpensive steps to make Valentine's Night amazing for him! (drum roll



  1. Soft music - put on some slow jams to set the tone (if you want to twerk, by all means, TWERK)
  2. Candles - light up the room with your favorite scented candles
  3. Beverage - have his favorite drink ready to go (IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN)
  4. Snacks - get some chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream, or something fun and edible (if wings turn him on, make sure you don't forget the hot sauce)
  5. Push-up Bra - you have to make sure your girls are sitting high (no saggy Sallies tonight)
  6. Button up shirt - pick one of his all black, white, or red button up shirts and put it on girl (:))
  7. Tie - put on his favorite tie or one that matches your shoes
  8. Pumps - you have to pull out your best pair ladies (please make sure they are sexy)
  9. Perfume - spray on your (his) favorite scent and make sure it's everywhere
  10. Red lip - put on your best shade of red (we love Ruby Woo)

The rest is history in the making. Oh, we are SOoooo not responsible for any children conceived! (lol, it can happen, TRUST ME!)


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