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Can you walk THE WALK

Hey ladies! It's the first Tuesday of the month, so you know what this means, CLASS IS IN SESSION (whoop whoop)! Who remembers what our Tiny Tip was last month? Yes, you're right, last month we told you about walking heel to toe and NOT toe to heel. So, who practiced this technique and how did it go (not everybody speak at once)?  We received over 70 shares (WHAT!!!) via Facebook (Thank you THANK YOU) on that blog, so we know at least half of you were practicing (don't be ashamed, lol, jk). 
Well my friend (insert side eye half smile emoji), we have another amazing Tiny Tip to share with you today. We are all super important and have millions of places to be, so we tend to walk really fast. STOP (no hammer time)!! 
Tiny Tip 
It's always a challenge to walk in heels. Why not make your day easier by taking small steps. Smaller steps may save you from the embarrassment of falling on your face (been there, done that). These small steps also help you to concentrate on your walk because your brain isn't going as fast as you are walking. You ever notice when you walk fast your thoughts seem to come faster (or is that just us). Walking slowly will give you time to think and be focused, just make sure you don't have the "I'm concentrating on my walk" face. Your walk will look more natural and you will look comfortable. Please don't be stiff either, you'll look super weird (this kind of weird is NOT cool). Just relax, take a deep breath, and take your time. 

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