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Can you walk THE WALK

Let's face it, not everyone can walk in heels. (YUP, we said it!) There are a lot of women who THINK they are "ripping the runway", but all they're doing is ruining a good pair of shoes. (we no like that girlfriend!) But, in their defense, walking in heels isn't the easiest thing to do. There are so many things you have to factor in when wearing heels. You have to think about how high the heel is, if you'll be on grass or cement, if it's slippery out, how long you'll be standing, will there be a place to sit, and if so how many seats? (we can't be the only one who thinks about this, right?) We can't tell you how angry we get (HULK MAD!) when we see women in amazing shoes and their face screams "I CAN'T WALK IN THESE THINGS" or "MY FEET HURT". (ahhhh...noooo...don't do it!!) LADIES, we don't care how much your feet hurt, you suck it up, find the nearest seat or get to your car as fast as you can! (never let them see you sweat, or fall!! lol) SO, we have decided to help you (or your best friend, sister, cousin, aunt etc..) by giving you a monthly Tiny Tip to help you "Rip The Walkway". (prepare to be amazed)
Tiny Tip
Raise your hand if you've seen a woman walking like a zombie in a nice pair of heels. (everyone raises hand) This is because she's putting her whole foot down at once like she's wearing flats. When wearing heels, you should put your heel down first, followed by your toe. (crazy right!) Walking heel to toe makes for an easier and more natural looking walk. (OK, everyone try this out really quick...HURRY!)
So how did it feel? Was it weird?The more you practice walking heel to toe the more comfortable you will become. (seriously, like for real for real) Before you know it you'll be "gone with the wind fabulous"! (now twirl...twirl...twirl)

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